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個人情報の取り扱いについて ( Use and Protection of Personal Information )

 出願・登録手続にあたってお知らせいただいた氏名、住所その他の個人情報は、 慶應義塾大学におきまして、(1)出願・選考・登録、(2)学事に関する管理、連絡および手続、 (3)学生生活全般に関する管理、連絡および手続、(4)大学内の施設・設備利用に関する管理、 連絡および手続、(5)本人および保証人宛に送付する各種書類の発送その他の連絡と、 これらに付随する事項を行うために利用します。
 慶應義塾大学は、個人情報は原則として第三者に開示いたしません。ただし、 法律上開示すべき義務を負う場合や、 学生本人または第三者の生命/身体/財産その他の権利利益などを保護するために必要であると 判断できる場合、その他緊急の必要があり個別の承諾を得ることができない場合には、 例外的に本人または第三者の個人情報を開示することがあります。予めご了承ください。

The personal information you supply during the application and registration procedures will be used by Keio University for (1) the procedures for application, selection and registration, (2) the procedures for administration and correspondence regarding academic matters, (3) the procedures for administration and correspondence regarding general student life, (4) the procedures for administration and correspondence regarding facilities in the university, and (5) the procedures for correspondence with the students and their guarantors, as well as other related matters.
Keio University has a policy not to disclose any personal information to a third party as a general rule. However, we may disclose personal information of students or related persons, when we must undertake an obligation for disclosure according to the law, when we consider disclosure is necessary in order to protect students' or related persons' lives, physical wellbeing, properties and other rights, and when we cannot acquire students' or related persons' approval for disclosure due to emergencies.

( Special Measures in Response to COVID-19)


Please read "Special Measures in Response to COVID-19" on the following website.

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After reading "Use and Protection of Personal Information" and "Special Measures in Response to COVID-19", check the box to agree to the both terms and conditions.

新規登録/編集・印刷 ( New Entry, Revise/Printout )

The Web Entry System is accessible from 1:00 p.m., May. 15, 2020.
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